Explore with the MTA

Explore with the MTA

November 2, 2016

Beneath the hub of every major city in the world lies extensive subway systems, connecting places and people around the clock. This season we explore three major subways including Seoul, Hong Kong and Paris in our Fall 16 MTA Collection. Whether you're heading out on your daily commute, or exploring the edges, heights and depths of your city, explore further with the MTA.


MTA Collection | View Duffle Seoul
MTA Collection

Transporting over 2.6 billion people annually, the Seoul Metropolitan Subway is rated as one of the world’s best subway systems for its cleanliness and technological advancements. Our Seoul colorway combines vibrant royal blue with softer tones of grey, reflective of the trains found within Seoul's Metropolitan Subway.


Hong Kong

MTA Collection | View Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s first mode of rail transportation began in 1888. Over 100 years later the mass transit railway opened connecting the northeastern and northwestern New Territories with the rest of Hong Kong. Tonal plays of grey and red accents create our Hong Kong colorway.



MTA Collection | View Duffle Paris

Known for its uniform architecture, the Paris Metro system was influenced by Art Nouveau, drawing from the natural forms in flowers, plants and curved lines. Where city meets nature, our Paris colorway combines a vibrant pop of green with charcoal found within the city's underground.

What city are you exploring next?


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