Discover Fall 2017

Discover Fall 2017

June 30, 2017

From the sea to the sky and the diverse land in between, Fall 17 guides us throughout the elevations, from the depths of the ocean, the city streets, mountain peaks and the sky above. 

Mountain Range

It’s time to return to nature and seek new heights. We draw inspiration from the color tones of snow-capped peaks and the rich hues of the forest to create our Mountain Range color story.

Parkland Vintage Backpack Arbutus
Meadow Backpack Creekside


From lofty rooftops to high school hallways, our Cityscape color story represents the youthful spirit of those that explore, crate and play in the city.

Meadow Backpack Skyline
Parkland Lookout Duffle Sketch

Deep Sea

Rich colors and electric bursts of neon take us into the ocean’s depths. We explore with pattern and hand painted watercolours to capture unique elements found only in the ocean. Hold your breath and dive into Deep Sea.

Parkland Meadow Plus Backpack Scuba Black
Parkland Meadow Backpack Starfish
Parkland Peak Duffle Swell


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